Take the guesswork out of feeding raw.

Feeding a biologically appropriate, raw diet to your furry loved ones doesn't have to be difficult. Let us show you how to get your pets on the path to great health.

Furball’s Choice Blend

Complete diet starting at $1.38/lb

  •  Chicken 40%
  •  Beef (red meat, heart, green tripe, bone) ~25%
  •  Offal (internal organs,liver, kidney) ~10%
  •  Cooked Eggs 5%

Beef Rib Bone

Softer, medum density bone that is fully consumable and great and freshening breath while removing plaque.  Has a small amount of attached meat. Nature's Toothbrush. $2.00 Each

Turkey Necks

Meal replacement option. Lots of meat, dense bone for scaling teeth clean. Suitable for large puppies & adult dogs. $2.75/lb ( large necks are approximately 1lb each)

Chicken Feet

High natural source of Glucosamine. Suitable for puppies, adult dogs & adult cats (may be too large for kittens). $2.25/lb or $10.00/5lb

What Our Customers Have To Say

Last week we had decided to introduce our Havanese puppy to your raw food diet.Up until last week,my puppy was refusing to eat her store bought kibble after trying 4 different brands.Our vet had suggested maybe trying her on a raw diet.Well,just one week on it,she is doing fantastic,Not only does she eat the Furball’s Choice raw food diet,she absolutely loves it!This makes her a very happy puppy,which makes us happy too!

My Savannah cat is loving the raw food!! first thing I have been able to get him to eat in 2 days! Thanks again, I will definitely contacting you again soon for more

After searching and trying a number of other raw food vendors we found Furball’s Choice today. Not only were we thrilled with the knowledge they had but the customer service is amazing. My husband gave Marty a sample of their own mix and he followed my hubby around for the next few hours waiting for the rest! Really looking forward to many more visits to come!

I just wanna give a GIANT shout out to the owner, Stephanie of Furball’s Choice for what I just experienced tonight. Not only is she a big sweet heart, knows her products but the products she sells are BEYOND AMAZING. Cheaper than any butcher but HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS. To anyone looking to switch to raw food for your dogs/cats/ferrets please give her a shout.

Prepared Raw Diets starting at $1.38 per pound!

Prepared Raw Diets starting at $1.38 per pound!

Complete and balanced, pre-portioned and frozen. Simply thaw and serve! Raw feeding for cats and dogs has never been easier.

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